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South African matriculation requirements no longer specify which South African language needs to be taken as a second language, and some people have made the switch to learning Zulu.
There are three basic articulations of clicks in Zulu: Denti-alveolar comparable to a sucking of teeth, as the sound one makes for 'tsk tsk'.
For example: Standard Zulu urban Zulu English umakhalekhukhwini icell cell/mobile phone Ngiyezwa Ngiya-andastenda I understand This situation has led to problems in education because standard Zulu is often not understood by young people.
A common former practice was to indicate the implosive / using the special letter, while the digraph bh would gagner de l'argent en photographie then be simply written.The person staying says " Hamba kahle and the person leaving says " Sala kahle ".Ikhompiyutha /ikompijuta/ or ikhompyutha /ikompjuta/ "computer".The written form of Zulu was controlled by the Zulu Language Board of KwaZulu-Natal.L2 users: 32,000,000 (2015.Standard Zulu tends to be purist, using derivations from Zulu words for new concepts, whereas speakers of urban Zulu use loan words abundantly, mainly from English.Beijing, China: Tsinghua University Press.What is the plural of buy-in?South African History Online.

m /n /m /n No change when the following consonant is itself a nasal.
"Structural characteristics of Zulu English".
Ummbila /úmmbíla/ "maize" (4 syllables).What is the past tense of apologize?The mutual intelligibility of many Nguni languages has increased the likelihood of Zulu becoming the lingua franca of the eastern half of the country, although the political dominance of Xhosa-speaking people on national level militates against this.f /s / /v /z / pf, nts, /t nt bv, ndz, nd Fricatives become affricates.Rakkenes, Øystein (2003) Himmelfolket: En Norsk Høvding i Zululand, Oslo: Cappelen Forlag,.First steps in Zulu: being an elementary grammar of the Zulu language (Third.).

The possible tones on a syllable with a voiceless consonant like hla are á â à, and the possible tones of a breathy consonant syllable, like dla, are.
This feature is shared with several other languages of Southern Africa, but it is very rare in other regions.

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