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Poke meaning and pronunciation

poke meaning and pronunciation

1386, Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, The Miller's Prologue and Tale : Gerveys answerde, Certes, were it gold, Or in a poke nobles alle untold, Thou sholdest have, as I am trewe smyth.
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Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Idioms and Phrases with casino pres de piriac sur mer poke poke In addition to the idioms beginning with poke poke around poke fun at poke one's nose into also see: make fun of (poke fun at) pig in a poke take a poke.Also called poke bonnet.Noun a thrust or push.Word OF THE DAY expatiate verb ik-spey-shee-eytSEE definition Sharpen Your Perspicacity With This Weeks Quiz Terms That Twitter And Created.Times, Sunday Times (2017)What if the tax man goes poking around?Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.1814, September 4, The Examiner, volume 13, number 349, article French Fashions, page 573: and as to shape, a nightmare has as much.( transitive, computing ) To modify the value stored in (a memory address ).

"to push, prod, thrust especially with something pointed,.1300, puken "to poke, nudge of uncertain origin, perhaps from or related to Middle Dutch poken "to poke" (Dutch beuken or Middle Low German poken "to stick with a knife" (cf.
1984, Franco Frey, specgraffiti (in Crash magazine, issue 6, July 1984) The 200 UDGs may be used either by paging between 10 sets of 20 UDGs or, alternatively, by displaying 96 different characters by poking the system variable chars with 256 less than the starting.
Times, Sunday Times (2007) More idioms containing 'poke' poke your nose into something.
'Hysterical Literature Women Who Read Until Orgasm Rich GoldsteinMarch 5, 2014 daily beast "Mr.
Times, Sunday Times (2015 steel poked a finger under his collar and scratched again at his neck.German pochen "to knock, rap both from Proto-Germanic root *puk-, perhaps imitative.To go or proceed in a slow or aimless way (often followed by along).N.3 "an act of poking 1796, originally pugilistic slang, from poke (v.).To meddle in; pry into: We felt as if half the people in town were poking their noses into our lives.To poke fun "tease" first attested 1840; to poke around "search" is from 1809.Thesaurus: synonyms and related words "poke" in American English, examples of poke.Mock, make fun of, laugh at, tirage lotto 30 decembre 2017 belgique make jokes about, ridicule, jeer at, sneer at, deride, treat with contempt, treat contemptuously, scorn, laugh to scorn, scoff at, pillory, be sarcastic about, satirize, lampoon, burlesque, parody, tease, taunt, rag, make a monkey of, chaff, jibe.Nesbit The Treasure Seekers (1899)One mannequin has a taped mouth and a missing hand, while an arm pokes from a drawer.( informal, Internet ) To notify.From later 14th.To poke along "advance lazily; walk at a leisurely pace" is from 1833.From the Hansard archive I do not want to see trained technical people coming into industry and being poked into offices.

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