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Fouled hand A hand that is ruled unplayable because of an irregularity, such as being found with too many or too few cards, having been mixed with cards of other players or the muck, having fallen off the table.
A player who has won several big pots recently is said to be on a rush.
Roll your own In seven-card stud, when the player has some ability to choose which cards are turned face.Underfull A full house made where the three of a kind has lower-ranking cards than the pair.Break In a draw poker game, to discard cards that make a made hand in the hope of making a better one.To make a play (check, bet, call, raise, or fold) at the required time, compare to in turn.This is also called speech play.

Aggressive, aggression The tendency for a player to open betting or raise rather than call or check.
Multi-table tournament (MTT) See Poker tournament muck To fold To discard one's hand without revealing the cards.
Wrap In Omaha hold 'em, a wrap is a straight draw with nine or more outs 8 comprising two board cards and three or four cards from a player's hand.
Stars Rewards Spin Go Wie wär's mit der Chance auf.000?
Forced-move In a casino where more than one table is playing the same game with the same betting structure, one of the tables may be designated the main table, and will be kept full by requiring a player to move from one of the feeder.See main article: stud poker store genval poker A card dealt face up in stud poker subscription poker Subscription poker is a form of online poker wherein users pay a monthly fee to become eligible to play in real-money tournaments.Sie haben einen zufälligen Preispool und bieten Ihnen die Chance, in Minutenschnelle bis.000.000 zu gewinnen.See also dry board and wet board third man walking A player who gets up from their seat in a cash game, after two other players are already away from the table, is referred to as the third man walking.Compare with dead hand.This one is for you!Also juice, vig, vigorish rakeback Rebate or repayment to a player a portion of the rake paid by that player, normally from a non-cardroom, third-party source such as an affiliate.Appeak Poker is a very nice app for the beginner Texas Holdem player who wants to kill some time, have fun and learn how to get comfortable playing online poker.In Texas hold'em and Omaha, the window card is the first card shown when the dealer puts out the three cards for the flop.Preis Häufigkeit.000.000 1 aus.000.An agreement to split tournament prize money differently from the announced payouts deal twice In a cash game, when two players are involved in a large pot and one is all-in, they might agree to deal the remaining cards twice.In casinos, it is customary to use a set-up deck when introducing a new deck to the table.Bei Omaha erhält jeder Spieler vier verdeckte Karten Hole Cards und muss genau zwei davon für sein Blatt verwenden.Fold equity The portion of the pot one expects to win, on average, by a bet that induces opponents to fold, rather than seeing the showdown.

A tournament where all tables are shorthanded at all times is called a short table tournament.
Double-draw Any of several draw poker games in which the draw phase and subsequent betting round are repeated twice double raise The minimum raise in a no-limit or pot-limit game, raising by just the amount of the current bet.
The add-on often offers more chips per dollar invested than the buy-in and rebuys.

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