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Hot poker traduction

(informal) exciting chaud this book is hot stuff c'est un livre très audacieux.
In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole colloquiali.
Not like a poker, but heavy.
Get that fireplace poker what is meant by poke on facebook in urdu and whack my foot.Fiery, vehement violent she has a hot temper elle s'emporte facilement, elle est très soupe au lait.Keen enthousiaste, passionné he's hot on my sister (US informal) il en pince pour ma sœur.I was all twisted up inside.Pungent, spicy - food épicé, piquant, relevé - spice fort a hot curry un curry relevé or épicé.I stabbed it with a poker all the way through, and it didn't do anything.You know, earlier, I noticed that the poker from the fire set is missing.

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E adesso, una notizia per nulla pertinente: a quanto pare al 22 percento degli americani piace prenderlo in quel posto con un cactus.
(informal) sexually attractive to be hot (stuff) être sexy (invariable) he's hot sexually aroused il a le feu au derrière.
Cars to hot up a car gonfler le moteur d'une voiture (UK informal) ( pt pp hotted up, cont hotting up ) intransitive verb inseparable Conjugaison intensify - discussion Conjugaison s'échauffer - fighting, situation Conjugaison chauffer, Conjugaison s'intensifier the price war has hotted up les prix.
In base al termine ricercato questi esempi potrebbero contenere parole volgari.Intensify - argument, contest Conjugaison échauffer - bombing, fighting Conjugaison intensifier - party mettre de l'animation dans - music faire balancer, faire chauffer.Elapsed time:.Someone who's killed a man with a fireplace poker four binnert van harinxma thoe slooten days ago?Le four doit être à quelle température?Tempo di risposta:.Cest simple et rapide.Editores, términos y condiciones, política de privacidad, búsquedas actuales: dar un paseo, train, advertir, foothold, muralla, smuggling, respeto mutuo, ground fault, pretensiones, bleed, esmalte, speech, trafico, and as such, disponibilidad.Robbins, he grabbed the poker and.In a completely unrelated story twenty-two percent of Americans indicate a preference for getting in the with a red-hot poker.Nessun risultato trovato per questo significato.To be or to get (all) hot and bothered about something (informal) être dans tous ses états or se faire du mauvais sang au sujet de quelque chose to be or to get hot under the collar (about something) (informal) être en colère.There are darker rumours too - red hot poker up his rear.Close, following closely to be hot on the trail être sur la bonne piste the police were hot on their heels or on their trail la police les talonnait or était à leurs trousses he fled with the police in hot pursuit il s'est enfui.

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